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Seinfeld Inspired Fantasy Football Team Names

Do you ever have trouble coming up with names for your fantasy teams? Try one of these Seinfeld inspired monikers.

Note: Apparently, embedding video has been disabled for most of the Seinfeld clips on YouTube, so unfortunately you’ll have to follow the links to YouTube to watch them. 

15. Little Jerry Seinfeld – From “The Little Jerry” Season 8 Episode: 11. Kramer gets a rooster (which he initially believes is a hen) and names it Little Jerry Seinfeld. He gets involved with Cockfighting thinking it’s a harmless activity, but when Little Jerry becomes a winner, Marcelino the cockfighter wants him to take a dive. (Big) Jerry tells Marcelino that “Jerry Seinfeld big or little doesn’t go down for anyone, anywhere, at any time!”

14. Reverse Peepholes – from “The Reverse Peephole.” Season 9: Episode 12. Newman and Kramer reverse the peepholes on their doors to prevent an ambush.

13. Hate the Drake – from “The Handicap Spot.” Season 4: Episode 22. The gang (except George) loves “The Drake.” After running into a lot of trouble getting the Drake a TV for an engagement gift, the Drake breaks off the engagement but still accepts the TV. By the end of the episode, the gang has decided they “Hate the Drake.”

12. Buck Naked – from “The Outing.” Season 4: Episode 17.  George thinks of a great name for himself if he ever becomes porn star, “Buck Naked.”

11. Jerk Store – from “The Comeback.” Season 8: Episode 13. George is gobbling down shrimp during a meeting when a fellow Yankees employee insults him by saying “The Ocean called, they are running out of shrimp.” It isn’t until the George is on his way home that he comes up with what he believes is the perfect comeback, “The Jerk Store called, and they’re running out of you.” The co-worker takes a new job before George gets an opportunity to use this comeback, so George flies to Akron, OH to finally deliver the line.

10. Man Hands – from “The Bizzaro Jerry.” Season 8: Episode 3. Jerry dates a woman named Jillian, whose only perceivable flaw is her large, “Man hands.”

9. Lord of the Idiots – from “The Apartment.” Season 2: Episode 5.  Jerry thinks he’s an idiot for suggesting Elaine take the apartment above him, but George trumps him by wearing a wedding ring to a party as part of a social experiment, only to meet an attractive woman who is attractive to short bald men and has access to unlimited floor seats at Madison Square Garden. “Please, a little respect, for I am Costanza, Lord of the Idiots!”

8. Commando 8 – from “The Glasses.” Season 5: Episode 3. Kramer gets Jerry a deal on a new air conditioner, the Commando 8. It’s 12,000 BTU’s of raw cooling power.

7. The Mackinaw Peaches – from “The Doodle.” Season 6: Episode 20. Kramer is ecstatic that the Mackinaw Peaches have arrived, but is unable to enjoy them after he mistakenly enters Jerry’s apartment while it’s being fumigated and loses his sense of taste.

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