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Best Fantasy Football Podcasts to Help Win Your League

One of my favorite tools for improved fantasy football performance is listening to fantasy football podcasts. From pre-draft help to mid-season injuries and analysis listening to podcasts is a great way to stay on top of the latest fantasy football news at your leisure. We break down our favorites right here… 

Harris Football Podcast (Daily in Season)

Chris Harris, formerly of ESPN, has gone independent and brought the tape-based analysis he showcased on his former podcast, ESPN’s Fantasy Underground, to his own podcast. Harris differentiates himself for the other fantasy analysts by focusing on watching tape rather than reading the stat lines. The idea s to try to be a step ahead by trusting watch you see on film rather than reacting to numbers. The podcast itself is new, but the format to date has been Harris talking fantasy football topics in the first half of the show, and a guest fantasy football analyst joining for the second half of the program. This is my top choice and really a must listen fantasy football podcast.

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The Audible (Daily, Sunday – Thursday)

The folks at bring you The Audible every Sunday through Thursday during the NFL season and periodically throughout the off-season. Hosted by Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom and featuring guest appearances from staff members. The preseason features loads of shows breaking down every team and position with predictions and forecasts. They also do a live show on Thursday evenings on YouTube which is made available for download shortly the broadcast.

iTunes | Stitcher Fantasy Football Podcast (5 times per week during the season)

Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg of are joined by host Adam Aizer. The quality of the advice and topic discussions by Richard and Eisenberg make it a very worthwhile listen. While I am a fan of Eisenberg’s fantasy views and advice, he does at times come across as a bit of a “know-it-all.”  The show itself sticks to fantasy football analysis, and with the exception of the occasional playful mockery of host Adam Aizer, they don’t delve into the nonsense that often takes up much of the ESPN Fantasy Focus podcast.

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Fantasy Feast: Eatin’

Fantasy Feast Eatin’ Podcast features Evan Silva of and Former NFL Offensive Lineman Ross Tucker. Most of the fantasy advice, strategy, and analysis comes from Silva. Tucker, an NFL analyst for Sirus Radio, NBCSports, and his own Ross Tucker Football Podcast is relatively new to Fantasy Football. This adds a very interesting dynamic of a former NFL player learning the nuances of Fantasy Football while adding his own analysis of NFL players and teams. Silva’s analysis is strong, and Tucker is one of my favorites, which makes this podcast a must listen.

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Best of the Rest: Podcast

Adam Caplan, Greg Cosell, and John Hansen publish podcasts about 3 times per week during the regular season and periodically throughout the off-season. Few analysts can break down the game better than Greg Cosell and Adam Caplan is a quality “information guy.” The audio quality of this one leaves a lot to be desired, but the analysis is very good. Cosell doesn’t really give “fantasy advice,” but as a veteran NFL Films producer with decades of experience breaking down game tape, his opinion can be invaluable.

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PFF Fantasy Slant (5 Shows per week) has established a reputation over the past several years as a top quality NFL analysis site. They also do a pretty good job with the fantasy too. One of the things that sets them apart from other podcasts is there attention to formats like dynasty leagues and IDPs.  They just announced a rebranding of their fantasy football podcast as PFF Fantasy Slant with most of the same hosts. Shows are streamed live on the site and made available later for download. You can also find video version of the shows on their YouTube channel.

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The top 4 above are the ones I most recommend and listen to the most often. The others I may listen to if I have extra time or in the off-season when there is less episodes to listen to on a regular basis. If you have only limited time to listen to podcasts, those are the ones I’d recommend. As for the others, try a few episodes and see which ones you prefer.

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