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Fantasy Football Live Mock Draft Sites

The Mock draft can be a valuable tool for preparing for your fantasy football draft. It’s not just seeing where certain players tend to fall, but getting “real” drafting experience and testing out any draft theories. We’re taking a look at a handful of quality sites where you can participate in free live mock fantasy football drafts online.  Continue Reading >

5 Great Ways to Use an iPad to Prepare for your Fantasy Football Draft

I had fantasy football in mind when I bought my iPad. I envisioned being able to pull up cheat sheets on the iPad during the draft and have stat information at my fingertips while watching games on Sunday afternoons. In the past few years since I got my iPad,  it has delivered so much more than I expected, especially when it comes to preparing for the fantasy football draft.  Continue Reading >

Embed YouTube Videos in the Yahoo Fantasy Sports Message Boards

I’ve been using Yahoo as my Fantasy Sports league manager of course for a decade or more. It’s was best-in-breed back then and remains best-in-breed today. One feature I’ve been longing for was the ability to embed video into the Message Board area. Lo and behold, Yahoo has recently added this ability, sort of, with the addition of it’s Yahoo Web Player.  Continue Reading >