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Embed YouTube Videos in the Yahoo Fantasy Sports Message Boards

I’ve been using Yahoo as my Fantasy Sports league manager of course for a decade or more. It’s was best-in-breed back then and remains best-in-breed today. One feature I’ve been longing for was the ability to embed video into the Message Board area. Lo and behold, Yahoo has recently added this ability, sort of, with the addition of it’s Yahoo Web Player. 

When posting a message, copy and paste a YouTube URL (not the You Tube embed code) directly into the text box. After you post your message, you’ll see a tiny “play button” appear to the left of the link. (Note: depending on the page load speed it may take a moment or two for this play button to appear.)

When other members of the league click on the link, they’ll get a fly-out video from the Yahoo Web Player.

It’s a great way to share interesting videos with the rest of the league, or better yet, share videos where you talk trash to the entire league!

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