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10 Essential NFL Podcasts

Looking for some great NFL podcasts to help keep you abreast of all the latest news, previews, reviews, and analysis? Here a list of the best NFL podcasts for every NFL fanatic updated and ready to go for the NFL season.

Note: We’ve intentionally left out all Fantasy Football specific podcasts as they will be part of a separate post.

Ross Tucker Football Podcast

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The former host of the ESPN Football Today Podcast left ESPN in 2013 and now has his own podcast under his own name. Tucker provides solid insight from his years of playing offensive line and is a very entertaining listen. What sets his show apart from other is they aren’t just the same news stories and typical media talking points. While he does deliver an opinion on NFL current events, Tucker also frequently brings in people to talk about topics you rarely, if ever, get talked about in the media, like what is it like to be on an NFL practice squad, the life an an NFL backup QB, and real deep-dive information like the difference between the X, Y, and Z receivers. The podcast usually airs 2 or 3 times per week during the off-season and weekdays during the NFL season. For my money, it’s not only the best NFL podcast, it some of the best NFL content being produced today.

Download or subscribe to the Ross Tucker podcast

The Rich Eisen Podcast (Weekly)


The host of NFL Network’s Total Access and NFL GameDay Morning delivers his own weekly podcast where he interviews current and former NFL players, coaches, and the occasional celebrity. He and his producers talk mainly NFL with some occasional pop culture. Eisen’s humor and personality make this podcast a real winner. Typically a once per week podcast, he’ll eventually put out multiple editions in select weeks. New episodes are released year round and much more pop-culture heavy in the off-season.

Download or subscribe to The Rich Eisen Podcast

NFL Podcast With Peter King (Weekly) sshot-1

Sports Illustrated Pro Football writer and author of Monday Morning Quarterback on, Peter King, brings you a weekly behind the scenes look with commentary and interviews with players, front-office types, and newsmakers from the NFL. New releases only come during the NFL season as Peter takes the offseason off from podcasting.

Download or subscribe to NFL Podcast With Peter King

ProFootballTalk Live with Mike Florio (Daily)

sshot-4 The editor of, Mike Florio, hosts a daily podcast in which he discusses the latest NFL stories and interviews players, coaches, and other media members. The program can be viewed LIVE every weekday at Noon ET, or downloaded via iTunes, Stitcher, etc. Episodes are year round with occasional week (or two) long breaks during the off-season when there is little going on in the NFL.

Download or subscribe to ProFootballTalk Live with Mike Florio

ESPN: Football Today (Daily)

sshot-5A daily podcast hosted by Robert Flores (formerly hosted by NFL Offensive lineman Ross Tucker) who is frequently joined by other NFL experts and PodVader of ESPN Fantasy Focus podcast fame. They discuss the NFL news of the day, reveal weekly power rankings, and preview and review NFL games. The podcast is daily during the NFL season and produces periodic releases during the off-season.

Download or subscribe to ESPN: Football Today

The Dave Dameshek Football Program (Weekly)

nfl-podcasts-1A smart, humorous, cock-eyed look at the NFL from the fan’s point of view. Dave is joined each week by’s Adam Rank. Entertaining without being over the top. This one’s probably suitable for work, but it might be best to proceed with some caution. New podcasts come out at least once per week and usually more like  twice per week.

Download or subscribe to The Dave Dameshek Football Program

Around the League Podcast

nfl-atl Another produced offering featuring Gregg Rosenthal, Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler, Chris Wesseling, and Kevin Patra. They discuss the topics of the day in the NFL several times per week, and often with a dash of fun and humor.

Around the League Podcast

The Coaches Podcast (Weekly)sshot-3

Former NFL Head Coaches Brian Billick and Dennis Green break down games and discuss the weeks hottest topics from around the NFL. New episodes are released during the NFL season, but the off-season is quiet.

Download or subscribe to The Coaches Show

NFL Rant and Raves (Twice per Week)

nfl-podcast-8 Steven Miranda and Jeff Ellis rant and rave about players, coaches, games, play calls, rules, plays and all things NFL. And, yes, they really do rant and rave. They are well seasoned podcasters with over 400 shows to date, but the back and forth boisterousness and high energy may not be for everyone. They go all year long with less frequent releases in the off-season.

Download or subscribe to NFL Rants & Raves » Podcast

M&M Podcast (Weekly)

nfl-podcast-10The M&M Podcast features Michael Irvin and Marshall Faulk of the NFL Network. Formerly known as the No Huddle podcast, this weekly in-season only podcasts sees the NFL Hall of Famers discussing the latest NFL topics.

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