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This Week in Baseball Theme Music

“Hello There, Everybody. This is Mel Allen,” was the opening line that accompanied the theme music each and every week on “This Week in Baseball” during Mel Allen’s tenure as host. (1977-1996). Baseball’s original half-hour highlight show was sandwich by two wonderful theme songs.

This Week in Baseball Opening Theme

The opening theme music was  used as the original theme to the game show, Jackpot. This video clip below includes both the original opening theme as well as the closing theme.

This Week in Baseball Closing Theme

The closing theme is titled “Gathering Crowds” and was composed by John Scott. In the video, you’ll hear the entire song accompanied by a variety of baseball images.

You can find “Gathering Crowds” by John Scott on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music

Before SportsCenter, before Baseball Tonight, and way before social media, there was This Week in Baseball. These songs stir up a lot of great memories for those of us of a certain age.

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