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Fox Will Live Stream In-Market NFL Games on Computers and Tablets in 2014

Starting with Week 1 of 2014 NFL season, you will be able to watch local NFL games broadcast by Fox on your computer or tablet with the Fox Sports To Go App.  Of course, the big ol’ caveat is that you have to authenticate with an approved TV provider (Even though you don’t need a TV provider to watch over the air in market NFL games…). The other caveat is that you’ll only get games broadcast in your market.

Over the course of the 2014 season, Fox will stream 101 NFL games, which includes 97 regular season games and 4 Post-season games.The Post-Season action will include the NFC Wild Card Game on Sunday, Jan. 4, the NFC Divisional Playoffs on Saturday, Jan. 10 and Sunday, Jan. 11, and the NFC Championship Game on Sunday, Jan. 19.

The Fox Sports To Go App is available for tablets on iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle Fire. If you want to watch on your phone, however, you’ll need the NFL mobile app.



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