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Pat McAfee’s Peyton Manning Casino Story

Pat McAfee, former Colts punter and teammate of NFL Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, tells a great story of how Manning once won a lot of money for himself and a group of people at a casino in French Lick, Indiana.

Manning invited Pat and a group of Colts teammates on a golf trip during a day off at training camp. McAfee was not a golfer, but Colts kicker Adam Vinitieri lent Pat his clubs and gave him $500 to gamble in the casino.

After a round of golf and a few beers, the bus full of Colts players arrived at the hotel and casino where they were staying. Pat headed through the casino towards the hotel rooms and stopped at the roulette table. McAfee put chips on a variety of numbers including 1, his number in the NFL, and 4 for Vinitieri. After putting his chips on the table, Manning walked up behind him and recommended Red 18.

As McAfee tells the story, he and everyone else at the table moved all their chips to Red 18. Manning walked off to his room and when the casino dealer spun the roulette wheel, it landed on red 18.

Below are a series of videos where Pat McAfee personally recounts the Manning casino story.

In this animated video for Natural Light, McAfee tells the story and refers to Manning as “The Sherrif” and Vinitieri as “The Goat.”

Pat Tells the Story During His Standup Comedy Routine

After retiring from the NFL, McAfee did a comedy tour where he featured the Manning casino story. Check out the video below to hear Pat’s comedy routine version of the story.

Pat McAfee Tells the Casino Story on Monday Night “ManningCast”

During the Lions and Packers Monday Night Football game in early 2021, Peyton Manning asked Pat to tell the casino story to Eli.

Former teammate Jacob Tamme confirmed the story on Twitter.

McAfee now hosts his own daily YouTube show and frequently features current or former NFL players. Pat has a plethora of great stories about his NFL career and often details these stories on the show. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is one of the frequent guests and has made plenty of news on the Pat McAfee Show over the last few years.

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