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Aaron Rodgers Book Club – Complete List of Books

During his first appearance of the season on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers chose to talk about a subject that that he cares greatly about, reading! Marquez Valdez Scantling asked Rodgers for advice on some book suggestions to read during training camp. Rodgers went to Barnes and Noble and picked up some books for him. This inspired Rodgers to share with the world some of his favorite books. Pat loved the idea, and thus, the Aaron Rodgers Book Club was born!

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20 Football Movies Available from Netflix

Football movies are among the most indelible films in our society. They can serve to inspire, tug at our heart strings, thrill us, and even make us laugh. If you are looking for a good football movie to entertain you or your family, check out this list of 20 memorable football movies available with a Netflix subscription. Most are only available on DVD, but a few are also available via Netflix Instant.

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