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NBA League Pass Broadband 2011-2012 Free Preview Thru January 8th

Want to watch every out-of-market NBA Game Live online in 2011-2012? NBA League Pass Broadband is back for this season with two different packages to choose from depending on your viewing preferences. Before you decide to buy, you’ll get an opportunity to try NBA League Pass Broadband for free until January 8th 2012.

Price are slightly reduced this year presumably due to less games because of the NBA lockout. The “Choice“ package allows you to watch the games of up to 5 teams (down from 7 last season) throughout the regular season for $109. The “Premium” Package allows you to watch all 30 teams and will cost you $169.

For those with participating cable and satellite providers, it’s important to note that you can get NBA League Pass on your TV, computer, and mobile device all for $169. So, if you were planning on springing for the “Premium” broadband package, you might as well get the full TV/Online/Mobile bundle for the same price.


Blackout Rules

Before ordering NBA League Pass Broadband, it’s important to understand the blackout restrictions.

Nationally and Locally broadcast games are not available on NBA League Pass Broadband. So, any games on ESPN, TNT, ABC, or any local broadcast channel, will be blacked out. A broadband blackout is determined by the zip code location associated with your Internet Service Providers (ISP) account.

We’ll be reviewing NBA League Pass Broadband and Mobile once the season tips off. It looks as if they have made a few changes from last season such as extended Mosaic view, PIP, and they are promoting “Up to 720p” High Definition picture. As for now, you can check out our review of NBA League Pass from last season.

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