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Review: Watch NBA Games Online with League Pass Broadband

If you’re looking for away to catch tons of great Live NBA action online?  Today, we’re bringing you an NBA League Pass Broadband review. League Pass Broadband brings both live and on demand NBA games right to your computer.

NBA League Pass Broadband offers two different packages for purchase. The Choice package allows you to watch the games of up to 5 teams throughout the regular season for $119.99 or 5 installments of $26.99. The Premium Package ($179 or 5 installments of $39.99) gives you access to all 30 teams throughout the regular season.

Note: Before we go too far we should mention that blackout rules do apply. Nationally and Locally broadcast games are not available on NBA League Pass Broadband. 

You also get DVR Functionality and “Mosaic” view which gives you the ability to watch 3 games at once. Essentially the only difference in the two packages is the amount of teams games you can watch.

When you access the schedule, you can launch the player by click the “Launch” button at the top right, or by selecting any of the games on the schedule below.

When you access the video player for the first time, you may be prompted to install the Adobe Flash Player Enhancement.


Next you will now get a pop up video player window that will display today’s games along the bottom. Any games subject to a blackout will only have the “Audio” option appear under the game.

Note: Blackout restrictions are based on your current IP Address. For example: If you live in New York, the Knicks will be blacked out while you are at home, but if you were to travel to say, Chicago, you would then be able to watch then be able to watch the Knicks, but the Bulls would be blacked out.

To begin watching a game, drag and drop the game icon onto the video screen.

Click the “Close” button to close the Games panel to view a larger screen and access additional features like Stats and DVR controls.

Watch multiple games at once by selecting the Picture in Picture or Mosaic view buttons along the bottom and dragging games into each box. Of course, you can also watch the game in full screen mode.


We found the NBA League Pass Broadband to be very nice, as long as you understand, and are OK with, the blackout rules.  The video quality is good. They claim “up to 720p HD.” Not sure I quite had a picture that good, but it was probably pretty close and looked very good displayed in full screen on my 22 inch monitor.  If you are fan of an out of town team, and want to be able to catch every game, this is a fine option. Same goes for those who are just big fans of the league in general and can’t get enough NBA action.

Check out NBA League Pass Broadband for yourself at

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  • I like your review but I wanted to know about video quality. Streaming web doesn’t always translate well to fast paced sports. Any comments about frame dropouts or jerky action? Also how is the resolution? Does it look like Standard Def or HD? Would you even try to put this on a 42″ big screen?

  • Looks like Standard Def to me, not HD. Playback was smooth but would occasionally become “pixelated” if bandwidth drops. I only tried it on a 19″ monitor, and I felt that was fine, but 42″ might be pushing it. I probably wouldn’t purchase the broadband version of League Pass with the intention of using on such a large screen.

    If you’ve ever watched games on ESPN3, I found the quality and experience to be similar.

  • Actually, NBA has a pretty rough interface compared to others. Most video sites, like espn3, etc., have a variable data rate, which means when you go full screen the picture will be clear when you have a fast connection and then get pixelated/blurry during the times when your connection slows down. This might sound bad at first, but it actually is quite nice, because it lets the game keep playing even when the connection lags.

    The NBA service doesn’t adjust itself for you. The normal size is 640×360 pixels, which is the resolution of a regular definition TV when it’s showing a widescreen picture–which is pretty good. I think when you click on full-screen, it takes that same feed and just scales it up. But unlike espn3, if your internet connection lags a little bit, the game actually pauses and waits for the signal to catch up. Our connection is pretty slow, so we have to set it on the “mini” screen, which is 320×180 without the option of enlarging it on the screen. I guess that’s fine, but it’s pretty annoying when espn3 has a *free* service that gives us a smooth full-screen feed that’s only blurry from time to time during a game.

    The other problem is that the controls don’t always work right. Occasionally it jumps to a different part of the game, and if you want to fast forward just a couple of minutes it can be pretty tricky.

    All in all, though, I’m glad I have the service. I live in Boston, and I get to watch the Mavericks basically every game, so it’s worth it.

  • Thank you Scott. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to watch the games on a slow connection for months.

  • Kam


    I bought premium package in Canada. It was use less. Any game that is broadcasted on one of Canadian cable channels is blacked out. The reason i bought this pass was, that I do not have these channels on cable.
    Waist of money. I will never buy it again.

  • Just spent over an hour and a half trying to manage my subscription and choose my 5 NBA teams for the season. Worst website/customer support I’ve ever seen. After not being able to get ahold of anyone then submitting a support ticket which was closed before I was given any answer I am canceling my subscription. Look elsewhere people, the NBA has no interest in providing you with a halfway usable service.

  • Jean

    worse service ever!!!!!

  • Mark


  • Lyricool

    Seriously.. how in the EFFF… do I pick my 5 teams. Pissed.. Hands down the worst customer service on the planet!

  • Griffin fan

    I signed up because i don’t have cable and wanted to watch Clipper games, but because we have prime ticket here in Hawaii all the clipper games are blacked out. Any game that is televised in your city will be blacked out. It sucks, and I am going to cancel my subscription right away.