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Can’t Get Direct TV? You Can Still Get NFL Sunday Ticket Online

This year NFL Sunday Ticket is available to customers online without having to subscribe to Direct TV. There is however, a small catch. It’s only for people that can’t get Direct TV at their address.

Direct TV is now offering NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go to non-Direct TV subscribers. You also get NFL RedZone as part of the deal. This is great news for NFL fans living in apartment building, condos, or other homes where they couldn’t normally get Direct TV.

The Full Season will run you a whopping $350, which isn’t terrible when you consider the regular Sunday Ticket through Direct TV costs $300, and you’ll be able to access NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and some other smartphones, as well as your PC / Mac or laptop.

Technically, you need to “certify” that you can’t get Direct TV at your address when you sign up. I have no idea if there is any sort of cross-checking or follow-up to verify you can’t get Direct TV.

You’ll need to have Flash 10 or higher installed and get at least 700 kbps download speeds from your broadband provider to ensure a quality picture. You can do a quick speed test

While it still isn’t full NFL Sunday Ticket access online for everyone, this is likely a godsend to some who have been wanting Sunday Ticket, but couldn’t get Direct TV at their home.

See theĀ NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go Overview on Direct TV’s website.

Read the NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go FAQ

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