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Get NFL Sunday Ticket in 2011 Even if You Can’t Get DirecTV

Yes, you can get NFL Sunday Ticket without subscribing to DirecTV. Last year, Direct TV (very quietly) gave NFL fans who are unable to get DirecTV at their homes a way to get NFL Sunday Ticket online and on certain mobile devices through NFL Sunday Ticket To Go. This season they’ve also added the ability to get Sunday Ticket via your PlayStation 3!

UPDATE (9/12/2011): Early reviews of these services have been lousy. Keep this in mind if you are thinking about taking the plunge.

NFL Sunday Ticket To Go for Computer, iPad, iPhone or Android Phone

So, you live in a condo or apartment and the board or landlords won’t let you install a dish. Maybe you could install a dish but can’t get necessary line of sight. Well, with NFL Sunday Ticket To Go option, you can get Sunday Ticket online, on your iPad, iPhone, and certain Android devices without subscribing to DirecTV. (Note: There is a “To Go” option for DirecTV subscribers to add internet / mobile access, and another option for those that can’t get DirecTV but want Sunday Ticket for Computer and Mobile.

Ok, the price is not cheap. For NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go it’s $350 for the entire season. Blackout restrictions apply, so if the game is on TV in your area, you won’t get access to it online or on your mobile device. It’s not exactly easy to find this option on their website, so follow the link below for ordering if you are having trouble. It took me a good 5-10 minutes to find it myself. According to the NY Times, as part of the last contract the NFL required DirecTV to make an online option available no later than 2012. Apparently promoting it so people would know about it wasn’t in the contract.

And, there’s another potential catch… You need to “Certify” when you place your order that you can’t get Direct TV at your current residence. As we mentioned last year, I don’t know if you have to go through any sort of review process to “prove” it, or if it’s a simple honor system. Also, if you want to watch on Android devices, you’ll want to make sure your model is supported before ordering.

NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3

Sunday Ticket on the PS3 will cost you a slightly less whopping $339.95 for the season.

Some Important Notes
  • Blackout rules apply. So, if the game is on TV in your local market, you can’t watch it online or on your mobile device.
  • Just in case you don’t know, NFL Sunday Ticket doesn’t include Sunday Night, Monday Night, or Thursday Night games.
  • With NFL Sunday Ticket To Go you can only watch one game per device at a time.
  • You’ll also get the incredibly awesome NFL Red Zone Channel with either subscription.
Want more information, check out the NFL Sunday Ticket To Go FAQ.


You can order NFL Sunday Ticket To Go here from DirecTV

Apps Download

After you purchase NFL Sunday Ticket To Go, you can access the content by downloading one of these apps.

Android: Download NFL Sunday Ticket App from the Android Market
iPhone: Download NFL Sunday Ticket – DIRECTV, Inc.
iPad: Download Sunday Ticket – DIRECTV, Inc.
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