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Peyton Manning Serena Williams Bowling – Michelob Ultra Commercial

Peyton Manning and Serena Williams star in a classic bowling themed new Michelob Ultra commercial that also features a number of other pro athletes.

The commercial tarts with Peyton Manning walking into the bowling alley and picking up shoes and a Michelob Ultra. As he walks to the lane, PGA Tour golfer & 4 time major champion Brooks Koepka, who is playing pool, gives Manning a nod. Next, NBA Jimmy Butler is seen singing karaoke and gives a finger point to Manning. As Manning arrives at his lane, he nods to WNBA star Nneka Ogwumike, and then a nod to soccer star Alex Morgan, who is using a bowling ball that looks like a soccer ball.

Note: This is the extended 90 second version.

The group continues to bowl until a new figure arrives at the alley. A slow pan upwards reveals that the mystery figure to be tennis legend Serena Williams.

Steve Buscemi, who co-starred in the bowling heavy movie The Big Lebowski, plays the role of the bar tender.

The music heard in the background is Showdown by the Electric Light Orchestra.

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