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Patrick Mahomes Smothers his Steak in Ketchup in State Farm Commercial with Aaron Rodgers

Back in 2018, Patrick Mahomes was getting a lot of attention for his play on the field. He also made got a lot of attention on social media for his love of ketchup. Even on steak.

Mahomes and fellow former NFL MVP and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers have been featured in a series of State Farm commercials. The latest commercial in the series has Mahomes, Rodgers, and Jake from State Farm sitting at a steakhouse preparing to eat. While Rodgers and Jake discuss insurance rates from State Farm, Mahomes is in the background quietly drenching his steak in ketchup.

“Oh, did you guys want some?”

Hilarious! Mahomes can also be seen playing Cornhole in a previous state Farm commercial.

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