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NBC’s Wimbledon Theme Song

This horn driven anthem used by NBC during the opening and at other times during the tournament. The composition brilliantly conveys the importance Wimbledon holds as the premiere championship in tennis. As a child it made me want to pick up a Tennis racket and try to play like a champion. For my dollar, it is the finest theme song in sports. Continue Reading >

The Effect of Chernobyl on Maria Sharapova’s Tennis Career

When you think of Maria Sharapova you think of of beauty and outstanding tennis. While you may also know she was born in Russia, you may not know her family lived less than 100 miles from Chernobyl. In this piece which appeared on ESPN’s E:60 in April 2011, Maria Sharapova talks about Chernobyl, a chance meeting at 6 years old with Martina Navratilova, and the sacrifices her parents made for her Tennis future. Continue Reading >