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Cord Cutters Can Watch the 2013 MLB Playoffs Live Online, Mobile, or iPad with Postseason.TV

Don’t have a TV subscription with TBS and MLB Network but still want to watch the 2013 MLB Playoffs? Postseason.TV is back again for 2013 delivering online streaming alternate angle companion coverage of every MLB Playoffs carried by TBS or MLB Network. Fans with iPads, iPhones, and certain Android devices will be able to port their subscriptions to their devices via the MLB At Bat ’13 app and watch on the go.

NOTE: This article has been updated for 2013.

First thing we need to mention is that Postseason.TV is a product designed as companion coverage to the main TBS television broadcast. It not the same as watching on TV. You get the live TV audio feed, but instead of the same dynamic camera views from TV, you have 10 single camera views from which to chose to watch. From those 10, you can watch up to 4 at a time in multi-camera view. It also does not include any of the MLB Playoff games broadcast on Fox (which is the AL Championship Series and World Series in 2013)

This year, $4.99 gets you access to the every available MLB Playoff game on TBS or MLB Network. Android, iPhone, and iPad users can get as part of the MLB At Bat ’13 apps. 


Watching the Games

In previous years, the home plate view seemed to be the best for watching as a stand alone option. I would compare it to watching a game from the stands behind home plate. They’ve also added a mid home plate view that is usually really nice as well. You can choose to watch up to 4 angles at one time.

While you do get the TV broadcast audio, you won’t get any replays or graphical overlays displaying stats or other info. And, any time they throw it to the studio for an update, you won’t get to hear or see it.



Although it’s disappointing that MLB doesn’t offer a full TV broadcast option online like, $4.99 is a pretty reasonable price to watch 3 playoffs series and Wild Card games, even if it is merely meant to be a supplemental option. In years past, I’ve watched much the ALDS exclusively on and I found to be a passable solution for those with no other option. I’ve relied mainly on the “Home Plate” view, which gives you a view from behind home plate and allows you to see the entire field. Watching a game this way actually kind of grows on you after awhile. You can catch some subtitles that you might not catch on a typical broadcast, such as seeing the runners lead off bases, infielder movement, etc. After several games, this ability to view the entire field actually became almost a selling point to me. A real downside is that from the high home plate camera you really can’t get a good view of balls and strikes (just like being at the ballpark).

As a companion product, I liked some of the additional camera angles provided. In past years I did have some issues with the broadcast and being out of sync by a few seconds. Many others, however, reported no such issues. In 2012 however, everything synced up perfectly for me and made for a pretty cool experience.

In addition to the 10 camera angles, you’ll get Live batting practice footage, in game highlights, and streaming Tweets. is available only in the US and Canada and there are no blackout restrictions. MLB.TV Postseason is available to those outside US & Canada for $24.95.

We’d love to hear your take on Is it an acceptable way to watch a game? How about as a companion to the  TV broadcast? Is it worth the money?

UPDATE (9/9/2012) – I’ve been watching the playoffs exclusively with on the iPad (MLB At Bat app) and have been quite pleased. It seems to be much improved over previous years. I’ve had no sync issues with the quad view and there seems to more dynamic camera movement from the home plate cameras than in the past. Those cameras (mid and high home plate) also pan out when necessary to show any base runners. I did have issues trying to watch the O’s-Yankees Game 1 over the weekend. I had trouble connecting and when I did connect, I would usually lose the stream within 15 minutes and have to try to re-connect. On all other days, I had no real issues other than the occasional video freezing for a few moments.


You can order for 2013 at

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  • Bill

    I don’t have pay TV or TBS and I would pay $5.99 for all of the baseball games, but I have to know if the camera positions are static, or do they pan and perhaps zoom to follow the ball (especially the behind home plate view). It you miss action that is off the main screen and you are scrambling to see the left field line by clicking a different camera, it probably isn’t worth it, but that’s just one fans opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. I watched the Rays – Rangers game last night through the High Home Plate camera view and they did pan to the action. Many of the cameras choices are static though. The mosaic view wasn’t bad either. Last year I had some issues with all the cameras not being in sync in mosaic view, but yesterday it was all in sync and actually a pretty cool way to watch.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, they don’t zoom too much though. I would describe it as more like the view if you were actually sitting at the park.

        Also, when you change cameras, it’s not an instant transition. For some reason, it goes through the process of re-verifying your access which takes several seconds, so you definitely don’t want to try switching cameras during a play.

        • Bill

          thanks, $6 was pretty cheap, so I went for it, I watched NY/DET last night, my biggest complaint is that I liked the split view of high home plate and center field, but if you go to split or quad view, they don’t let you fill your whole screen. even with an hdmi hookup from my pc to my 40″ widescreen, I was struggling to see the action in the high home plate view. I still think it is good to have at least two, so when the tv cameras are doing quick zooms, you can look at the other view to avoid a headache. they could charge $3 more and make sure tBS and the cable companies still make their money. I would pay a full year subscription if they would lift the reg season blackout on my local team . Oh well, I want to check out the NL action on Sunday, better than nothing.

  • Ryan

    Please allow me to add my two cents on 2011. Unfortunately, this service has taken HUGE steps backwards compared to last year. Yes, I know, they clearly state that they only offer the TBS coverage so we can only watch the first half of the playoffs and then we’re on our own… But that’s a huge bruise on this year’s package. Next, everyone here is saying that they are not experiencing sync issues, but I have been spending whole innings trying to match up the timing which is really ruining my experience. They should offer the straight TBS fully produced broadcast in my opinion, so I don’t have to play “producer”. My final outcry for the drastically decreased quality of, is why they have blacked out the iPhone app video feeds for North Americans?!? My Boxee Box player also has been blacked out for the playoffs. I will not be purchasing next season, WAY too many issues this season

  • Cardsfan

    Why not just show the regular broadcast? Why is that not allowed????

    • Anonymous

      I would assume it has to do with exclusivity rights that TBS negotiated in their deal. With a “companion” product like this they can generate more revenue without compromising their main TV broadcast.

  • Cardsfan

    This way of watching baseball games is not worth it. Horrible coverage! Different camera angles that do not follow the ball. Awful. This is a rip-off! Why don’t they just show the regular broadcast?!?!

  • TRENDA_3344

    anyone know where to watch the ALCS online since it looks as if you can’t with this is very frustrating. A lot of people like me work when the game plays and our only option is to watch online…even with the bad camera angles…if anyone know someplace that will be streaming the game let me know. i’d really appreciate it!

  • bball

    NO, it is NOT a good way to watch the game. I paid for it last year and definitely regretted it. Horrible coverage. Why is that the only option? So pathetic.

  • Tom Brown

    It sucks! Don’t get ripped off like I was. I tried to get even a single video feed (one camera only!) for two hours last night and missed the whole Orioles -Yankees game. Went to bed at 10:30 I was so pissed. Definitly not worth it!

  • I do all my tv/movie/sports watching online so finding a way to watch postseason baseball legally and cheaply is awesome (mlb has always been ahead of the other major sports leagues in this department). The camera angle thing did annoy me at first but I got over my gripes because sportsgeek is right…its all about $$ and rights to broadcast. $4.99 is a fair price (it would be more if it weren’t for the camera angle thing) and it I just pretend I’m watching the game from the stands.

    My favorite views are “Quad View” and for single view “MD Third” which is like watching the game from Third base side (this camera does the most zooming in my opinion)

    • Gary Kimes

      Please.. what kept me from going for the post season was that it is not available in the US. Hoe do you view? Is it available for those that took the season in total? Or do you have a villa on the Mediterranean with a online tv mirror?

      • sportsgeekery is available in the US. I watching the Yankees-Tigers that way as I’m typing this and I live in PA. There is also an MLB.TV Postseason product that is available outside the US & Mexico.

  • lkm

    Ridiculous. 162 games are on “regular” tv – albeit cable – where we already pay an arm and a leg. What is this crap with having to pay additional money because it’s post-season? GREEDY OWNERS. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll listen on my radio. Like those announcers better anyway.

    • sportsgeekery

      The playoffs are on cable too (or on Fox). is a supplementary product.

  • Gary Kimes

    There has to be some anti trust in the way MLB post season shows up in the searches. I came ever so close to clicking on the pay link before realizing that NO post season games are shown online in the USA. Can you imagine how much dishonest revenue this generates from mislead folks not reading the fine print?

    • sportsgeekery

      Are you talking about Postseason? That isn’t available in the US, but this post is about It’s a different product.

  • Greg

    I’m mildly miffed that the postseason is not included in the annual package and the video options are less than ideal. On the other hand, it caused me to finally break down and buy an Apple TV to supplement my Roku and Mohu Leaf antenna and I am very glad I did. While I wish one product did everything, the combination of an antenna, a Roku and an Apple TV, along with PlayOn makes for a very robust cord cutting experience. So maybe MLB did me a favor after all.

  • Thank you for this suggestion… Worked perfectly as you described. Wish there was a way for my Rays to be in the hunt a few more rounds.