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Review: NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3, iPad, and Online

I’ve been on the brink of ordering the NFL Sunday Ticket online ever since it became available to non-DirecTV customers (albeit very quietly) a few years ago.  The cost, coupled with less than stellar reviews kept me from making the commitment. This year the price has dropped to $250. That’s still a lot of money, but I’ve always wanted to experience the NFL Sunday Ticket and I don’t have the option of getting DirecTV at my home. So, this year I finally took the plunge.

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Get NFL Sunday Ticket Online Without a DirecTV Subscription

Would you like to get the NFL Sunday Ticket but can’t get DirecTV at your house? Well, you may just be in luck! Although DirecTV holds the exclusive broadcast rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, DirecTV was required in the NFL Sunday Ticket deal with the NFL to provide an online solution for fans who can’t get DirecTV. Continue Reading >