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Watch NFL Network App Adds Loads of New Providers, but Comcast Xfinity Isn’t One of Them

The Watch  NFL Network App allows authenticated users to, as the name implies, watch the NFL Network & NFL Red Zone both on your tablet device via apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, as well as via your computer browser and Xbox One. Participating providers have been limited, but  this latest update brings with it a slew of additional providers.  Continue Reading >

Masters Golf Tournament Theme Song on CBS

Each Spring (Actually, autumn in 2020!) golf fans watching the CBS Sports’ coverage of the Masters Golf Tournament are been greeted with by the now familiar tune played on acoustic guitar and piano, with a string quartet. Continue Reading >

Listen to College Football Bowl Games (Including the National Championship) Live via ESPN Radio App

Want to listen to most of your favorite college football bowl games on the go? You’ll be able to do just that on you iOS and Android devices with the ESPN Radio app. ESPN is offering live audio streaming of every bowl game they broadcast (which is almost all of them!) via the ESPN Radio app.  Continue Reading >

Review: NFL Game Rewind iPad App

I was giddy with excitement when the NFL announced it would be releasing an NFL Game Rewind App for iPad and select Android Tablets. Well, it’s here. Now subscribers to NFL Game Rewind can watch every NFL game on demand and on the go with the iPad, Android, or Windows Tablet.  Continue Reading >