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What is the NFL Wonderlic Test?

Every year, a throng of NFL hopefuls heads to NFL Scouting Combine to be poked, prodded, and drilled in front of coaches and scouts in the hopes of impressing them enough to get a shot at the big time. Before they go through the workouts, these aspiring players will take an exam called the Wonderlic Test. Football fans have likely heard of the Wonderlic before, but what exactly is this test?

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AFC Championship History: Scores & Results

While the NFL-AFL merger was agree upon during the summer of 1966, it didn’t take effect until the 1970 season. The American Football Conference (AFC) was established when the NFL and AFL officially merged for the 1970 season and thus, the first four Super Bowls featured the NFL Champions vs AFL Champions. Below you’ll find a chronological list of the AFC (and AFL) Champions and the score of each contest.

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10 Essential NFL Podcasts

Looking for some great NFL podcasts to help keep you abreast of all the latest news, previews, reviews, and analysis? Here a list of the best NFL podcasts for every NFL fanatic updated and ready to go for the NFL season.

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How NFL Flex Scheduling Works

Beginning in 2006, the NFL has used “Flex Scheduling” to determine the matchups for Sunday Night Football beginning in Week 11 of the NFL Season. Flex Scheduling is used to ensure that Sunday Night’s prime time NFL broadcasts have playoff implications through the second half of the season.  Continue Reading >