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Watch the 2014 World Series and Select MLB Playoff Games Live with MLB At Bat App

The MLB At Bat app has been updated to recently to add features for the 2014 postseason.  Included in those updates, the MLB At Bat app will offer live streaming of the 2014 World Series and select MLB playoff games. 

To gain access to the live streams you’ll need to be a MLB.TV Premium subscriber. The good news is that MLB.TV subscriptions have been reduced to $3.99 for the rest of the season. Along with that access, the Postseason.TV product,  which is live companion coverage “featuring up to 10 alternate camera angles for the AL Wild Card, AL Division Series and AL Championship Series (TBS broadcasts only).”

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.20.28 AM

“Companion coverage” is different than the normal TV coverage and may be a bit of an acquired taste for some who try to use it as a stand alone way to watch games. I personally like it because the additional camera angles give you views that are more like the ones you’d get if you were sitting in the stadium. You can pick up details you won’t find in a regular TV broadcast such as the positioning of the fielders, base runner movement, etc.




MLB at Bat App

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