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Rory McIlroy App for iPhone and iPad

Northern Ireland native Rory McIlroy is one of golf’s young rising stars. He may not have won the green jacket in 2011, but his certainly won a lot of new fans with his maturity, honesty, and gracious attitude after losing the lead, and ultimately coming unraveled, on the back 9 at Augusta. Fans of Rory can follow his tweets, see videos, and get exclusive messages with his app  for iPhone and iPad.

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Sports Science Analyzes Putting and Lip Outs in Golf

ESPN’s Sports Science takes a look at the speed and other factors that cause the dreaded lip-out when putting. They even question the convention that uphill putts are preferred to downhill putts. From a physics perspective, the odds of making a downhill putt are better than making an uphill putt because the margin for error is greater.