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Watch the 2013 NFL Draft Live Online at

The 2013 NFL Draft appears like it will be much more unpredictable than most drafts. With no clear consensus superstars at the top of the draft, everything will be up for grabs beginning this Thursday night at 8:00PM ET. You won’t have to miss a bit of action as will broadcast the entire draft from Thursday night through Saturday live online at

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Firemen Cheer Philadelphia Eagles First Round Draft Pick Danny Watkins

The Philadelphia Eagles selected an Offensive Lineman Danny Watkins from Baylor with the 23rd pick in the 1st round. He comes with a fantastic back story. Watkins is a Canadian born former hockey and rugby player and part-time firefighter who initially went to Butte Jr. College with the intention of becoming a full-time firefighter. Continue Reading >

Tony Mandarich: NFL Draft Bust

Every year when the NFL Draft rolls around we are reminded of some of the biggest draft blunders, the busts, of all-time. At the forefront of many of these annual discussions is Tony Mandarich, “The Incredible Bulk,” and “The Best Offensive Line Prospect Ever,” as Sports Illustrated famously dubbed him back in 1989. Mandarich was huge. Massive. With an ego and a mean streak to match. Video clips of his college exploits featured Mandarich either flattening opponents or simply tossing them around like a man playing with boys. In the end, he turned out to be a posted boy for steroid use in the NFL and synonymous with the term “Bust.”

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Watch the 2011 NFL Draft Live Online at

The 2011 NFL Draft will begin this Thursday at 8PM ET. The first round will take place on Thursday evening, followed by the second and the third rounds on Friday, April 29 beginning at 6 PM ET. Rounds 4-7 will be held Saturday April 30 starting at 12 noon ET. The NFL Draft will be broadcast live on both ESPN and the NFL Network, but you can catch the draft in it’s entirety, all seven rounds, live online at

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Follow the NFL Draft Live with the NFL Mobile App for Android and Blackberry

Last fall we reviewed the NFL Mobile App for Verizon customers, and the app has just been updated for the 2011 NFL Draft which takes place April 28th–30th. The update brings an NFL Draft tracker and profile information on virtually every NFL Draft prospect. The only caveats are that you must be a Verizon customer with a supported phone and data plan.

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