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Animated GIF: LeBron James Flop – NBA Finals Game 4

In years to come, when fans refer to a “LeBron James Flop in Game 4,” they’ll likely be referring to his 8 point performance. On a drive to the left with the shot clock winding down near the end of the 1st quarter however, James drew a foul with an over-the-top acting job on slight contact. Jeff Van Gundy took particular offense to his acting saying “That’s a flop” and  “Those types of plays, to me, are starting to make parts of our game a farce.”

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Animated GIF: LeBron James Flop

During Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Chicago Bulls, LeBron James treated us with this epic flop while grabbing a rebound. It’s truly World-Cup-worthy. James was able to “shake it off,” however, and mount a fantastic comeback in the final few minutes, propelling the Heat into the NBA finals against the Dallas Mavericks. Continue Reading >

Animated GIF: LeBron James Hitting Chris Bosh in the Face with a Pass

This is a scene that you’d think would more likely play out on an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos than on an NBA court, let alone involving two of the league’s top players.

At least we can tell that Chris Bosh was actually hit in the face this time unlike his notorious flop against Chicago. It should also be noted that Miami was leading by 19 points at this point and ended up losing.  Continue Reading >