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Scenic Outdoor Running on your Treadmill with the Virtual Active App for iPad

Have you ever been on the treadmill at the gym and imagined instead you were running through the beautiful landscapes of Northern Italy or along the scenic beaches of Los Angeles? The Virtual Active app for the iPad gives you a visual presentation of running over some of the world’s most beautiful trails while your on a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike.

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Review: RunKeeper Free App for Android and iPhone

As an avid runner, I was thrilled to find running apps for Android (and iPhone) that use GPS and other built-in smartphone technologies technology to track your runs. Everything from time & distance to actually tracking the route you ran and displaying it on a map. Like many folks, I greatly prefer to find a free app to perform my tasks. I don’t want to shell out any cash until I know the app is going to be worth even a modest investment. One of my favorite running apps to date, is Runkeeper, which is available for Android and iPhone.

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