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20 Football Movies Available from Netflix

Football movies are among the most indelible films in our society. They can serve to inspire, tug at our heart strings, thrill us, and even make us laugh. If you are looking for a good football movie to entertain you or your family, check out this list of 20 memorable football movies available with a Netflix subscription. Most are only available on DVD, but a few are also available via Netflix Instant.

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NFL Agent Drew Rosenhaus on CBS 60 Minutes

I don’t believe I know any NFL fans that have a positive opinion of Drew Rosenhaus. He currently has clients on every team but Atlanta and represents the likes of Chad Ochocinco, Rex Grossman, Frank Gore, Plexico Burress, and LeSean McCoy. Most fans probably see him as the load mouth who makes ridiculous claims and may have been responsible for a player on their favorite team holding out for more money. Continue Reading >

Tracking Antone Davis’ Weight Loss on The Biggest Loser with Pictures

Last season, we tracked the weight loss of Olympic wrestler Rulon Gardner before he left the show for personal reasons. In season 12 we have former NFL lineman Antone Davis on the ranch trying to win the Biggest Loser. Davis was the 8th overall pick of the Philadelphia Eagles in 1991 and went on to play 7 seasons in the NFL for Philadelphia and Atlanta.

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