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Track Your Distance Running with Runstar Free for Android

Looking for the an Android app to track your running or jogging? Today we take a detailed look at Runstar, a free running app for your Android phone that uses the phone’s built in GPS to keep your running stats and goals, such as time, pace, distance, and more.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the nice User Interface. It’s simple, uncluttered, and easy to use. To get started, simply select “Free run.” You’ll notice some additional options that are available in the full (paid) version.

runstar-1 runstar-3

When the GPS has identified your position, you’ll get a “We found you!” message and the Start button will turn green. After selecting Start, you’ll have the option to play music during your run, and/or selecting a “Power-up song.”  Select “Go! when you are ready to begin running.

runstar-2 runstar-4

And your off! You’ll see your time displayed in large numerals in the middle of the screen, along with you’ll pace and mileage above. You’ll also notice the large “Power up!” button at the bottom of the screen. Press this to play the “Power-up song” you selected (optionally) on the previous screen. This is a pretty cool feature for those that want to designate that one tune that really gets you pumped and easily play it at a time of your choosing.

Pressing the padlock a the top left “locks” the screen ensuring that you don’t accidentally bump any buttons while you are running or taking the phone in and out of your armband.

runstar-5 runstar-6

Press the “Finish” button when your run is complete. Your time, distance, and pace are displayed along with Speed/Elevation chart. Scroll down to find options to post the data to social media sites, or delete the data all together.


Select “Map” to display a Google map image of your running track. You can choose Standard or Satellite view.

runstar-8 runstar-9

On the “Goal” tab you can set monthly distance goals.

runstar-10 runstar-11

You can review your history on the Results tab. Sort by month, year, and all-time.


  • Nice, simple interface
  • Flawless GPS (in our experience)
  • Google Maps
  • Plays saved music and has “Power-up song” feature
  • Tracks monthly running goals
  • It lacks the online tracking or data export feature
  • No split times
  • No audio cues

The beauty of Runstar’s design is in it’s simplicity. It’s very easy to use and the large time display makes it very easy to check your time while running. Unlike our experience with RunKeeper for Android, the GPS with Runstar has never failed me. The lack of audio cues is a sizeable limitation in my eyes, but for those that just want to do their run and don’t have a need for frequent time and distance reminders this app will be right up their alley. The app is free, but there are advanced features available for those who with to pay for them. Overall, its a very solid choice as an Android running app.


Download Runstar Free from the Android Market or by scanning the QR Code below.


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