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Home Run Derby Challenge Game for iPhone and iPod Touch

With the HomeRun Derby Challenge App, you can try to knock to ball out of the park by swinging your iPhone like a baseball bat. Rack up as many dingers as you can before getting 5 outs.

The concept is simple. It’s just like the Home Run Derby competition you’ve likely seen during the MLB All-Star break. The pitcher throws the ball and you try to knock it out of the park. Everything else is an out. Only in this game, you will be flicking your iOS device like a tiny bat.

Upon opening the app you can jump right in and start a game or review the instructions.


Select a stadium. Only the “Badboi” field is available in the free version. You’ll get 4 additional ballparks with an upgrade purchase of the Pro version ($1.99).


Next, select your batter. As with the stadiums, you’ll get an additional 4 rather interesting characters in the Pro version.


You’ll want to hold your iPhone or iPod Touch with one hand and sideways like you were watching a video. As the pitch approaches flick your wrist  forward like your device was a little bat.  You get 5 “outs” to try to hit as many home runs as possible. Hint: Think of the swing like flicking open a little gate.

To begin, tap the screen.


If you fail to hit a home run, it’s an out.


When you connect on a home run, you’ll get a nice little fireworks show on the big screen.



Home Run Derby Challenge’s wii-mote like usage of the device in game play is a cool concept that’s implemented well. Some might find it a little scary to be flicking their expensive device for fear it may slip out of your hand. And, that’s probably a reasonable concern. We didn’t have that problem when playing but we could certainly see it happening to an overzealous player.

Some may find that it gets old pretty quickly once you get the hang of it, but a multiplayer option (available in the paid version) and additional stadiums and characters could add to the enjoyment. We give it a solid 4/5. The free version gives you enough features to enjoy on it’s own without any annoying ads. Those who really like it have the option to pay $1.99 for the Pro version to unlock additional features.


Download Home Run Derby Challenge (Free Version) from the app store, or chose Home Run Derby Challenge Pro.

Home Run Derby Challenge Free - OMGmode Software Inc.

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