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NFL Mobile App is Now Available on iPhone for Verizon Customers

NFL fans with iPhones have been waiting (hoping) for the release of an iPhone version of the popular NFL Mobile app since the iPhone joined with Verizon. This week, the app was finally released for iPhone. For now, all the NFL Mobile awesomeness is free, but starting on September 1st, you may be required to shell out $10/ month for a vcast subscription to access video content. 

We have been using the Android version of NFL Mobile since last fall, and for the most part, love it. Any NFL fan should check it out now while everything is free.

Download NFL Mobile – Verizon App from the App Store.

Here’s the “official” information:

NFL Mobile only available for Verizon Wireless customers! NFL Mobile is your exclusive mobile source for live game video, live game audio, news, highlights and more! No separate video subscription is required through September 1st! Get 24/7 access to LIVE video streams from NFL Network including coverage of the NFL Draft and Preseason. Data charges apply when downloading and using NFL Mobile.

NFL Mobile includes:
•Get 24/7 NFL Network coverage and live Thursday & Sunday night NFL games.
•NFL Redzone allows you to watch LIVE every touchdown from every game during the regular season
•Game Center: Listen live to audio of every game, watch bigplay highlights and view real-time game stats.
•Keep up with the latest NFL scores, videos and headlines
•Detailed pages for all 32 teams

During the Draft NFL Mobile will also include:
•Detailed draft tracker to view team selections real-time and receive alerts when a prospect is selected
•Fan War Rooms: Tell all 32 teams your thoughts of their picks and the 2011 season
•Prospect pages with expert analysis, performance stats and video

Note: NFL Mobile will only work on active Verizon Wireless iPhones


NFL Mobile – Verizon Wireless IT

NFL Mobile - Verizon Wireless IT

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  • Janritten260

    so as of this date, 8/11/11, there is no charge for this app? i just downloaded it as the eagles are playing a pre-season game tonite and i live out of the area. i can’t find any price info anywhere about this app.

    • Anonymous

      Good question. It’s been a source of confusion since Verizon took over the NFL mobile rights last year. There doesn’t seem to be any clarity. You need an unlimited data plan, but you may or may not need to also have a VCAST subscription to view video once the season begins. That’s about as much as I know, unfortunately.

      I tried to get some clarity from Verizon last year and got a different answer from each person I spoke with.

      • Schulz503

        Yes, that saga has started. $30 for Verizon was not enough. Verizon now charges $10 for a service they said would be free. This is a clear bait and switch move and the FTC needs to get involved. I don’t understand why I need to pay $10 a month for streaming a game to my phone from my Wi-Fi connection that has nothing to do with Verizon.