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Review: Yahoo Fantasy Football 10 App for Android & iPhone

How many times have you been caught away from your computer on Sunday morning and realized you’ve forgotten to change your Fantasy lineup?  Or caught wind that one of your key players in out with an injury? This season Yahoo has released it’s free Yahoo Fantasy Football App 2010 App for both Android & iPhone that allows you to manage your team from anywhere.

Note: This is an app specifically for Yahoo Fantasy Football Leagues, rather than tracking general fantasy stats or following leagues from other websites. The screenshots and examples below are using the original Motorola Droid running Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Once you enter your Yahoo Fantasy credentials and sign in, you’ll see all your Fantasy leagues displayed on the screen. A recent update has added Fantasy Football videos below the leagues.

All the basic stuff is there. You can view standings, record, points, match-ups, as well as edit lineups, make pickups, and drop players.

yahoo-ff-4 yahoo-fant-11

To change your lineup, tap Edit Lineup then select the player you want to change.

Select Swap (or Bench) and be sure to select Submit before exiting or your lineup change won’t be entered.

Double check that you get the message that your lineup has been set and select OK. (Initially I though I had made a lineup change by just pressing swap, but then noticed the update isn’t made until you hit submit)

Scoring is updated live during games, but lacks the detailed stats you’d get in Yahoo’s StatTracker.

Picking up players is pretty straightforward. You can filter by position, total season points, or points last week.

You can also manually type in a name to find a specific player. To pick up a player select “Add & Drop” or just “Add” if you’ve got available roster spots.

Note about iPhone & iPad Touch version: I’ve had trouble just signing in with the iPhone version. Even after another update this past week (right before NFL week 2) I still can’t sign in. The App Store reviews are loaded with negative comments and 1 and 2 star reviews, so if you are an iPhone using I’m not sure I would rely on this app right now. Hopefully, future updates fix the issues. It almost seems as if they tried to rush the iPhone version out before the season started.


The Yahoo Fantasy Football App seems to be a “Tale of Two Apps” when it comes to the iPhone and Android versions. While I’ve had issues with the iPhone version, the Android app has performed just fine. It handles the essentials, like setting and changing your lineup and tracking your score, very well. It’s well worth having if you are in a Yahoo League ( if you own an Android device) just for the ease of quickly checking and changing your lineup. One thing that seems to be lacking is the ability to offer a trade. That isn’t a deal breaker, though. It’s a bit of a pain, but if you need to propose or accept a trade you can do so by accessing Yahoo Fantasy Football through the normal browser. The recently added videos are nice, but aren’t anything special. I’d prefer trading ability.

Also, memory usage for the Android version is very high (I’ve noticed it at 13.3 MB while running on my original Moto Droid. ) Not a big issue on my device, but it may be an issue on some phones.

Got a fantasy football app you like better for Yahoo or any other leagues? Let us know in the comments!

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