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MLB At Bat 11 Lite Mobile App: It’s Free, But Too “Lite” to Be Worthwhile

Earlier this season we took a thorough look at the MLB At Bat 11 App for Android, which is also available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. That premium version carries a $14.99 price tag, which is certainly going to be a little too rich for some fans. MLB At Bat also has a free, “Lite” version for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Is it a viable alternative? We took a closer look. 

The premium version of MLB At Bat does give you a way to watch (w/ subscription) or listen to live games, thus the premium price.  As, you might expect, those feature aren’t available in the free version. Unfortunately, the limitations don’t end there. Here’s a breakdown…

Limitations in the Lite version
  • You can’t port your subscription
  • No radio broadcasts
  • Limited to 5 video segments
  • Up to the minute box scores and stats
  • Push notifications
  • Pitch by pitch action with Gameday
  • In game highlights

So, what do you get? Well, you’ll get box scores. And when we say box scores, we mean just box scores. There are no stats to go with it except winning and losing pitchers.

The News and Videos are pulled from Video highlights are unfortunately limited to the 5 most recently added, which is pretty weak considering you can get so many more for free on

You can set your favorite team, but it requires logging in with an account.


MLB At Bat 11 certainly isn’t a must have app, and most fans won’t even find it worth their time. It gives you just the basics like scores, standings, some news, team schedules, rosters, and a few videos. However, you can actually get much more content by visiting MLB’s mobile website,, through your phone’s browser. You’ll even get access to all available video highlights.

The lack of stats and anything more than a basic box score makes it a weaker choice than even a lot of basic Sports “Scoreboard” apps like ESPN ScoreCenter, SportsTap, or ScoreMobile.


Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Have you tried MLB At Bat 11? What are your thoughts?

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iPhone / iPad: At Bat Lite – At Bat Lite -

Android: Download MLB At Bat 11 Lite from the Android Market

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