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Watch the 2011 NFL Draft Live Online at

The 2011 NFL Draft will begin this Thursday at 8PM ET. The first round will take place on Thursday evening, followed by the second and the third rounds on Friday, April 29 beginning at 6 PM ET. Rounds 4-7 will be held Saturday April 30 starting at 12 noon ET. The NFL Draft will be broadcast live on both ESPN and the NFL Network, but you can catch the draft in it’s entirety, all seven rounds, live online at

So who will be the first QB off the board? Will Cam Newton go to Carolina with the first overall pick? With start of the 2011 season in question due to the ongoing labor dispute, this is could be you last chance to catch some “real” NFL coverage for quite awhile. Don’t miss it!

Watch the 2011 NFL Draft Live Online at

Note: Many NFL teams will host draft coverage on their official team websites. Check your favorite teams site for more details.


Mobile smart phone owners will want to check out some of the NFL Draft App we’ve looked at over the last few weeks like the NFL 11 App, the Pro Football Weekly Draft App and the NFL Mobile App for Verizon Customers with Android or Blackberry phones.

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