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NFL 11 App for iPhone and iPad Updated for the NFL Draft

This week we’ve been taking a look at some mobile apps that help fans prepare for the 2011 NFL Draft, such as Pro Football Weekly’s Draft App. The NFL’s official iPhone and iPad apps have recently been updated to include content for the 2011 NFL Draft.

Note: Images below are from iPod Touch, iPad screens will differ.

On the Home tab, you’ll find the latest draft news. On top you’ll see a featured prospect. You can use the right and left arrow buttons to scroll through all the featured prospects and tap on the name to get a more detailed overview, including strengths and weaknesses.

nfl-11-4 nfl-11-10

Scroll down and you’ll see the latest draft news articles pulled from the Draft section of

nfl-11-2 nfl-11-9

Scroll Down further and you’ll find the Draft Tracker. Select a team to see a detailed analysis of their draft needs.

nfl-11-3 nfl-11-6

You can also select the complete draft order by round. Selecting a team from here will also give you their needs analysis.

nfl-11-5 nfl-11-7

There is also a Twitter section that pulls Tweets from NFL media members and NFL analysts.


iPad Version

We haven’t had an opportunity to experience the iPad version first hand, but it certainly looks nice. Plus, it is also free.



While not specifically an NFL Draft app, the NFL 11 app does give you a good amount of draft content for free. Where it’s lacking (as a draft app) is that it doesn’t have lists of prospects by positions. It does, however, give you detailed analysis of 62 top prospects, which covers most of the players expected to go in the first 2 rounds. Many NFL fans might only tune in for the first couple rounds, so this won’t be a huge deal for a lot of people. For true NFL draftnicks, you might want to check out the premium Pro Football Weekly Draft Deluxe ’11 app, which gives you a ton of in depth analysis of virtually every NFL draft prospect. .

There is also a Premium version of the app ($1.99), but the only difference we see is that the Premium version let’s you designate your favorite team. Frankly, we don’t see that being worth $2.


iPhone: Download NFL ’11 Lite – NFL Enterprises, LLC from App Store or iTunes.

iPad: Download NFL ’11 for iPad – NFL Enterprises, LLC from App Store or iTunes.

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