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Pro Football Weekly NFL Draft App for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Looking for a good quality app that will keep you in the know for the upcoming 2011 NFL Draft? The Pro Football Weekly Draft app for iPhone, iPad and Android comes in both free and premium (paid) versions, and both are have a lot of great NFL Draft content.

Note: You’ll find download links at the end of the post. Images below of from IOS, Android images may look slightly different.

Upon opening the Pro Football Weekly Draft app, you’ll be greeted with the top draft related news stories. You can tap the display button along the top to change the way articles and other items are displayed in the app. I prefer the “list” style shown to the right. The style on the left requires you to scroll to the right or left to view additional articles.

You have the “main” tabs along the bottom and “sub-tabs” along the top of each section.

pfw-draft-1 pfw-draft-2

Position Ranking are provided for every position and go pretty deep. For instance, they have the top 73 Offensive Guards listed, and even the top 18 punters. There is also the option to display the top 250 overall. (FYI – 250 is approximately how many players will be drafted, give or take, depending on compensatory picks, etc. )

pfw-draft-4 pfw-draft-3

They also have Mock Drafts and in depth reports on each team that include an overview and team needs.

pfw-draft-5 pfw-draft-8

There’s also loads of video clips with in depth looks at prospects, team needs, etc.

pfw-draft-7 pfw-draft-9

The Tweets section is broken in sections. “Experts” is basically just tweets from Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, there are sections of player and prospect tweets, and an “Other” section which are tweets from other NFL writers, media, and the NFL itself.

pfw-draft-10 pfw-draft-11

Premium Content

The individual player reports, which you’ll find in the Off Scouting and Def Scouting tabs, require and upgrade to the Premium version of the app. Actually, they give you the QBs & DE’s for free, but everything else requires the upgrade.

pfw-draft-12 pfw-draft-13

The individual player reports are very substantial. Detailed breakdowns that include notes, background, positives, negatives, and projected draft position.

pfw-draft-15 pfw-draft-14


Any way you slice it, Pro Football Weekly Draft is a quality app. The free version gives a substantial amount of content that will please a lot of football fans, and the optional upgrade provides even more content for those that can’t get enough. Much of the free content is also available in the draft section on PFW website, but the premium content is not. I can’t say for sure, but I would assume it comes from one of draft publications.

While the paid ($6.99) Deluxe version may be a little salty for the average football fan, aspiring Mel Kiper’s and other draftnicks will enjoy all the detailed player profiles. Also not that according to the website, it’s $6.99 per year, not a one time fee.



Free Version: Pro Football Draft Insider – Pro Football Weekly

Deluxe ($6.99):  Pro Football Draft Deluxe ’11 – Pro Football Weekly


Download Pro Football Weekly Draft from the Android Market or scan the QR Code below.


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