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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft Mobile App

The Philadelphia Eagles recently released what we believe is the first team specific NFL Draft app. This free app is now available for both Android and IOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) devices.  The 2011 NFL Draft begins on April 28th at 8pm ET and continues on the 29th and 30th.

The app has news stories and draft information about prospects and current Eagles. Currently the “Live Draft” portion of the app displays only a countdown timer, but we anticipate this is where all the action (and by action, we mean draft picks) will take place during draft weekend.

Note: Images below of from Android, but IOS version looks basically the same.

eagles-draft-2 eagles-draft-3

When you select “Prospect Report” on the Draft tab, you can sort the prospects by position by selecting the Position bar along the top, and then choosing a position, or selecting “All” for all positions. One bug we found is that Linebacker and Offensive Line are not listed among the positions, which seems odd considering they are probably the Eagles two biggest draft needs.

eagles-draft-9 eagles-draft-10

The Twitter feed isn’t terribly useful. It merely displays all tweets with the #eagles hash tag.


Videos are what could really drive this app and make it top notch. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any of the videos to load. After selecting a video, you’re asked to confirm that you wish to continue and open the video in your web browser.

eagles-draft-4 eagles-draft-5

After confirming, we received one of a variety of error messages depending on the video. Forcing you to open in the browser is a lousy way to design an app, but it would be so bad if it actually worked.

The video in the IOS version doesn’t work either. The Eagles website uses Flash video and IOS devices don’t support Flash. So, simply forwarding the to the browser in in IOS expecting video to play seems like a pretty big over-site on the part of the developer. Unless of course, the Eagles are planning to move to a different video format.



We’ll really see how good or bad the app is on draft weekend, but for now, it’s sub-par. It’s got bugs, such as the Linebackers and Offensive Line missing from the Prospect Report Search and a variety of video errors. Scrolling is also a little sluggish in Android. The concept is nice, but the execution needs a lot of work. It smacks of an app which was rushed out to the app markets. There is still about a week until the draft, so there is certainly time to release an update. You can actually access a browser version of the app for your computer here at

UPDATE 4/29/2011: After day 1 of the draft we still have no application update. There is just a bio of Danny Watkins (the Eagles 1st round pick) displayed in the “Live Draft” section.  Video still doesn’t work and draft picks were not being promptly updated during the first round. For a team whose website does such a superior job of creating quality web content, I expected a lot more. This app is a real disappointment.

I’m left wondering if this app is being viewed as some sort of a beta test for a full Eagles Mobile app. I’m not a developer and I don’t need user feedback to tell me Flash video won’t work on an iPhone.


Android: Download from the Philadelphia Eagles Draft App from the Android Market or scan the QR Code below.


iPhone & iPad: Download the Philadelphia Eagles Draft – Philadelphia Eagles App from the App Store.

Philadelphia Eagles Draft - Philadelphia Eagles

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