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Jack Nicklaus’ son Jackie Jr Talks About the 1986 Masters on the Dan Patrick Show

This morning on the Dan Patrick Show, Jackie, Jr. (who now is apparently Jack II) spoke with Dan about his memories of his fathers final round in the 1986 Masters. Jack II, who was 24 at the time, had only caddied for his 46 year old father about the 15 to 20 times previously.

“Don’t do anything that would take my dad out of the moment” Jack II told Dan when asked about his role during the final round. He said his father made his own club selections and Jack II would double-check the yardage and talk about the read of the green. It was really about “trying to keep him comfortable and try not to distract him and keep him in the moment.”

Jack II also told Dan that he said “be the right club” when his father struck his tee shot on 16 and as he bent down to pick up his tee his father replied. “It is.”

Listen to the complete interview at

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