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2011 Masters Golf App for iPhone and iPad

In previous years, the Masters Golf App for the iPhone has set the bar great sports apps with loads of live video and and high quality features. The 2011 edition has been updated and promises more of the same high quality content for golf fans.

It stands to reason that the tournament which has been the gold standard of golf would also produce the gold standard of golf apps. This year, the iPhone version of the app is once again free, while a premium iPad version ($1.99) boasts some great additional features like additional live video feeds and complete CBS simulcast coverage of the 3rd and 4th rounds.

Note: if you don’t care to drop the $2 for the premium iPad version, you can still download the free iPhone version for iPad.

iPhone Version

You’ll get plenty of News Articles and Live Updates.

masters-2 masters-3

Live Video

On Wednesday, you’ll be treated the annual par 3 contest. During the tournament, you’ll get one video channel with action from Holes 11-13 (Amen Corner), another with Holes 15 & 16, and a third with Featured Group coverage. The “Featured Group” coverage is a one group followed for the entire round. In years past it has followed popular players in the early rounds like Tiger and Phil, and leader groups on the weekend.

masters-4 masters-5


Yes, radio. While perhaps not the ideal radio sport, you have the option of listening to live audio coverage of the tournament beginning every day at 2pm.

masters-6 masters-7

Other Features

Track your favorite players, view photos, images of each hole, and course information. Unfortunately, the beautiful hole by hole flyovers and descriptions that were part of last years app appear to have been left out of this edition (unless they will be added in an update)

masters-8 masters-9


In addition to  the complete CBS feed for Rounds 3 and 4, which is promised to be in HD, the premium iPad version will also have additional live video feeds (9 in total) not available in the iPhone app.



The Masters Golf App is unquestionably among he best IOS sports apps on the market and a can’t miss for golf fans. We also give major props for the app being free of any ads. The only negative thing I can possibly muster is the apparent removal of last years course map and beautiful hole by hole video flyovers.


iPhone App: The Masters Golf Tournament – Augusta National, Inc.

The Masters Golf Tournament - Augusta National, Inc.

iPad App ($1.99): The Masters Tournament – Augusta National, Inc.

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