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ESPN Fantasy Baseball 11 App for iPhone, iPad, & Android

So you’re in an ESPN Fantasy League and want to manage your team from your iPhone or iPad? Check out the ESPN Fantasy Baseball 11 App. 

We previously wrote about iPhone and Android apps for you Yahoo Fantasy baseball leagues. Although we haven’t reviewed it yet, you may also want to check out Fantasy Baseball Monster ’11 iPhone app, (or for iPad: Fantasy Baseball Monster ’11 HD ) which allows you to manage Yahoo and ESPN leagues from the same app!

Note: All the screenshots below our from Apple IOS, but Android user interface is very close to identical.

If you haven’t signed it yet you’ll need to do so before you begin.



To see the latest league activity, select “League Home” from the main screen, and the League tab along the top of the screen. You’ll also be able to access your Team / lineup, Scoreboard, and manage you DL from this screen. There are more options like league settings and waiver order if you continue to scroll to the right.

Change Lineup

Select the Date filter  and scroll through the dates on the selector wheel to choose the future period in which you’d like to make a move. Next, select the “Done” button.

Select the “M” next to the players name. Select the position (or Bench) where you wish to move the player. A check mark will appear to indicate the selection. Choose “Submit. ”


You’ll see a message indicating the lineup has been changed, and the changed should be reflected on the “myTeam” tab.

Propose Trade

Select the “Standings” tab (you’ll have to scroll to the right). Choose the team with which you’d like to trade.

News and Analysis

You’ll get the latest headlines and a feed of the latest Tweets from ESPN contributors like Rob Neyer, Keith Law, and Jayson Stark.


It does the essentials you’ll need to manage your fantasy baseball team from your iPhone, iPad or Android device, but it certainly isn’t the end-all-be-all of fantasy baseball apps. It’s really a rather mediocre offering. The App is free and you can pay to get an “upgraded” version, but we see little reason to upgrade. You’ll get some additional content, but it’s nothing you won’t find for free on ESPN’s website.


iPhone / iPad:

ESPN Fantasy Baseball 2011 – ESPN

ESPN Fantasy Baseball 2011 - ESPN


Download ESPN Fantasy Baseball 11 App from the Android Market or by scanning the QR Code below.

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