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Glow Hockey 2 is a Fun, Free Air Hockey Game for iPhone & Android

Glow Hockey 2 for Android and IOS is simple and straightforward. It’s a basic air hockey game for your phone. You control your paddle with your thumb or finger on the touch screen and attempt to score while defending your own goal by blocking the puck.

Note: We’re reviewing the free version, but there is a paid version (.99) with additional features.

There are two different “Themes.” The original Glow version and the standard air hockey theme.

glow-hockey-3 glow-hockey-4

There are a few customizable settings. You can change the color of the puck and the paddles, and you can toggle the sounds and particles on or off. With particles enabled, you‘ll see a graphic representation of contact when you strike the puck.

glow-hockey-1 glow-hockey-5

The iPhone and Android versions include vibration when you score. (This feature is missing in the iPod Touch version)



We found the game to be fun and a bit addicting. It’s a nice way to pass the time when you have a few minutes to kill. With both iPhone and Android version the controls are very responsive and it’s easy to move your paddle where you want it to go. There are multiple levels, so you won’t conquer the game too quickly. The free version has ads, but they don’t appear during game play. Upgrading to the .99 Paid iPhone / iPad version will give you 10 different themes and multi-player action on the same device, or over Bluetooth or local WiFi.

iPhone / iPad Version

Download Glow Hockey 2 FREE or the paid Glow Hockey 2 from iTunes App Store.

Glow Hockey 2 FREE - Natenai Ariyatrakool


Android Version

Currently there is only the free version for Android, but a Pro version is in the works. Download from the Android Market or scan the QR Code below.


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