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Manage Your Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League in Android with Fantasy Guru 11 App

As an Android phone user, I was initially disheartened to see that Yahoo has only released an IOS app for fantasy baseball. Fortunately, I happened to find Fantasy Guru ‘11 Android App. If you are a Yahoo league manager with an Android phone, you need to check out this free app.

UPDATE: Yahoo has now released an official Yahoo Fantasy Baseball ’11 Android app.

Note: I’ll mention up front that developer says that Fantasy Guru is still in Beta mode for 2011, but we are yet to experience any issues or bugs.


Since this isn’t an official Yahoo app, the setup is a bit of a pain. First you enter your Yahoo credentials. Fantasy Guru does reassure you that they don’t collect passwords, and they have a link to the privacy policy if you want more information or a more thorough explanation of the process. We actually read the thing and it’s pretty standard. There is a limited version of the app that doesn’t provide your Yahoo password to the Fantasy Guru app, but we didn’t try it.


Since you are providing a third party app with your credentials, you’ll be taken to Yahoo via your mobile browser to login. You’ll get a warning that Fantasy Guru hasn’t been verified by Yahoo and you’ll need to “Agree” to allow information to be shared with the app.


After opening the app, you’ll select which league you want (if you have more than one) and then you’ll be presented with all the Fantasy Guru options.

device5 device6


You’ll see your current roster and staring lineup displayed. You can display stats in a variety of ways including for the current day, week, and year.

device7 device8

Changing the Lineup

This one is a little tricky the first time. Tap a player / position you wish to change. That position marker will turn white and the eligible replacements will turn bright green. Tap on an eligible player to make the roster change.

device20 device22

Trades and Transactions

If there are any pending trade offers you will see them displayed here in the “Trades” section. To propose a trade with another manager, select “Propose Trade” at the lower right.


Then select the team with which you would like to trade.


Select the Player or players from the opposing team’s roster and hit continue. You’ll then be prompted to select the players from your team to offer in exchange.

device10 device11

Finally, you’ll have a final chance to review the trade and even send along a message if you’d like. Hit “Submit trade” when you are ready.


The Transactions section displays all moves, but you can sort by Adds, Drops, and Trades by selecting the buttons across the top.


Searching for Free Agents and Other Players

The “Research” section is essentially the “Players” section in the standard Yahoo web interface. This is where you can search for available players, all players, sort by position, or and number of statistical categories. I found it to be initially a bit confusing, but after a few minutes of playing around it becomes very easy.

In the image below I searched for all available relief pitchers sorted by their original Yahoo rankings.

device18 device17

The “News” section gives you video clips.



I mentioned in the opening that i was initially disappointed in the lack of a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball App for Android. (Update: Yahoo has since released an Android app) After trying Fantasy Guru, I’m kinda glad they didn’t bother. Fantasy Guru is the superior app with far more features. A few of the features like roster changes and searching for available players may be initially confusing, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize it’s pretty easy. As I mentioned in opening, Fantasy Guru ‘11 app is still in the Beta stage, but we have experienced no issues or bugs. I’ll also mention that the app is ad supported, but I cropped out most of the ads in my images. Personally, I never find these types of ads to be the least bit annoying and intrusive, but it’s worth mentioning just in case.

If you also happen have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, be sure to check out our review of the official Yahoo Fantasy Baseball App.


Download Fantasy Guru from the Android Market or scan the QR Code below.

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