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Review: Yahoo Fantasy Baseball 11 App for iPhone or iPad

Baseball begins anew next week and with it comes the start of your fantasy leagues.  Remote management via your cell phone is becoming more important every year, especially for those in ultra-competitive leagues. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to pick up that break out star or injury replacement because our away from your computer when news breaks. Fortunately, iPhone users in Yahoo leagues will once again have a free app to manage their team while on the go.

You can download the Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball ’11 for free on iTunes or the app store. Once you get the app installed and log in with your Yahoo account, it’s time to get to work managing your team.

Setting / Changing Your Lineup

Changing your lineup is pretty easy. Select Edit Lineup from the My Team tab. Next, select the player you want to add or remove from your lineup.

yahoo-cb-1 yahoo-cb-2

You’ll then have the option to move him to another position, or to one of his other eligible positions.


To fill empty spots in your lineup, click the empty position and you’ll be presented with eligible options on your current roster. Choose one and select Start.

yahoo-cb-4 yahoo-cb-5

Just as with the browser version, is essential that you remember to press Submit, or your changes will be lost.


The League tab shows the current standings and the Matchup tab gives you the current week’s matchup and scores. You can use the arrow buttons at the top the scroll through future and previous weeks matchups. (The images below are captured before the season started, thus the lack of scores and records)

yahoo-cb-12 yahoo-cb-13

ADD / Drops

You can find available players on the waiver wire by selecting the Players tab, and then searching by name, or filtering by position or any number of statistical categories.

yahoo-cb-7 yahoo-cb-8

After selecting an available player, you’ll have to option to Add & Drop. (Or just Add if you already have an open roster spot)

yahoo-cb-9 yahoo-cb-10

If you need to drop a player, you’ll be prompted to select one. Press Submit to proceed with the Add/Drop.



Yahoo claims that new in 2011 is the ability to propose & accept trades, make counter offers, and veto trades, but I don’t see where this is done. It is still Spring Training as of this post, so perhaps this is coming in a future update.


The Yahoo Fantasy Baseball ‘11 interface is nice and it gives you most of the essentials to manage your team on the go. We appear to still be waiting for the promised addition of trades, but we are hopeful it will appear in an update any day now. We’d also like to see a News section with player and injury updates to make it easier to track players that aren’t on our roster. You also can’t see recent transactions. Until those features are added, the app really serves as more of a supplement to the web interface than a full out replacement, which in most cases, is perfectly fine.


Download Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball ’11 for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball '11 - Yahoo!

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