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Turn Your Android Phone into a Gus Johnson Alarm Clock

Would you rather wake in the morning to one of Gus Johnson’s exhilarating calls than a buzzing alarm? Who wouldn’t!? I got (swiped) this idea from a recent Dan Patrick Show interview with Gus Johnson. Dan suggested Gus develop an alarm clock that played Gus’ “Rise and Fire.” Hmm, should be easy enough to do with your phone right? Indeed. Here’s how…

The first thing you’ll need is an audio file of Gus. Android will support most common audio file formats like .mp3, .wav, .ogg, and .mp4. We included a few of our favorite Gus classics below, but you can always find and choose your own.

Gus Johnson Audio Files

The files below are all in .wav format. To download, right click on the link and select “Save link as.”

“Rise and Fire!”

“Got it!”


“Rise and Fire, Haha!”

“Rise and Fire, Got it, Haha!”

Transferring the file to your Android phone

Connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable and turn on USB storage.


Next, we’ll create a new folder on the SD card named Alarms. We are on a Windows computer, so we used Windows Explorer to create the folder.


Copy your Gus Johnson audio clips to the Alarms directory.


Now we are ready to set the alarm, but first we want to turn off the USB storage.


Setting the Alarm

To set the Alarm, select the “Clock” icon. You can select every day, weekdays (M-F), or  create your own on time alarm time by choosing “Add alarm.”  Next, set your alarm time and hit the “Set” button.


To change the alarm ringtone, select ringtone, find your Gus Johnson audio clip in the list, select it, then choose OK.

device10 device5

Now you’ll be ready to “Rise and Fire” on time every morning with one of Gus Johnson’s classic calls.

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