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Need an Excuse to Stay Home & Watch March Madness? Schedule a Vasectomy

Yeah, really. Last month I heard a sports talk show mention a local urologist running a marketing campaign to encourage men who were planning on a vasectomy to schedule it around March Madness. Why? You’re going to have to lie on the coach and rest for a few days after the procedure, so why not get it done when there is plenty of hoops action to keep you entertained.

Here is a commercial ad from one clinic in Virginia promoting “Vasectomy Madness.”

Apparently, this is no secret to many “Men of a certain age” who have vasectomies. According to the video report below, clinics see a noticeable spike in patients scheduling vasectomies around March Madness and other sporting events.

If you were planning on having the procedure done anyway, March Madness is a perfect time for the basketball fan.

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