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Tiki Barber as a Guest Judge on Iron Chef America

Tiki Barber announced last week that he is attempting an NFL comeback. Most football fans will remember Tiki was still a top level running back when retired a few seasons to pursue a TV career which included stints on NBC’s Football Night in America and the Today Show. Here he is as a guest celebrity judge on the Food Network’s Iron Chef America.

For fans of Iron Chef America, the contestants are Jahangir Mehta and Iron Chef Morimoto, and the “Secret ingredient” is coconut.

If you want to jump ahead to the Tiki parts, he’s introduced at about the 11 minute mark, and the judging starts shortly after the 30 minutes mark.

Note: Hulu tends to provide some of it’s videos for a limited time, so if this video is eventually unavailable, my apologies in advance.

Barber doesn’t offer up as much critique of the food as the other guest judges (who are food professionals), but he does comment that “Anything deep fried is good.” Hey, I can’t argue with him.

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