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NFL Network’s Rich Eisen Running the 40 Yard Dash (Video)

Last Year, NFL Network host Rich Eisen went mega-viral after running the 40 yard dash in a suit at the NFL Combine. This year he is back at again with his NFL Network pal Warren Sapp to video taping the run. He also cut .06 seconds off his time from last year. Someone’s been puttin’ in the work in the off-season.

Here the full NFL Network produced video of Eisen’s run at It’s includes a Lady Gaga-style entrance in a white pod and a celebratory chest bump from the aforementioned Sapp. An be sure to stick around for the whole video so as not to miss the hilarious overlays of Eisen running vs. Julio Jones, Cam Newton, and some of the other NFL hopefuls at the Combine.

You can follow Rich Eisen on Twitter: @richeisen

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