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Review: ESPN Radio App for Android, iPhone, & iPad

Are you a fan of Mike & Mike, Colin Cowherd, Scott Van Pelt, or just can’t get enough Sports Talk Radio? If you have an Android, iPhone, iPad, or even iPod Touch you can take ESPN Radio and all the ESPN Podcasts with you wherever you go with the ESPN Radio App.

Note: Our screenshots are from the Android version of the ESPN Radio App. iPhone / iPad screens will look slightly different.

It’s not the quickest loading app. When you open it, in our experience, the app takes around 10 seconds to load.



Once the app loads the current live ESPN Radio feed will begin. Pretty straight forward, right? To pause the playback, just tap the screen, then tap again to play. Select your menu button of tap the (+) symbol at the left to bring up more options.


Here is where you’ll find links the ESPN News SportsCenter Updates, PodCenter, and some regional ESPN stations. You can also send a text message to ESPN Radio from here.


In addition to the main ESPN Radio feed which includes Mike & Mike in the Morning, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Scott Van Pelt, and Doug Gottlieb, the app offers live streaming of about 20 different ESPN stations from around the country.

Currently the list includes: NY, LA, Chicago, Dallas/ Ft. Worth, D.C., Cleveland, Tampa, Los Vegas, Greensboro, Tallahassee, Atlantic City, Milwaukee, Orlando, Monroe, Syracuse, Honolulu, Baton Rouge, Madison, West Palm Beach, Redding, and Seattle.



A cool feature of the ESPN Radio is is the ability to stream any of the myriad of ESPN podcasts right to your device. This includes ESPN programming like PTI and Around the Horn, in addition to regular podcasts like the B.S. Report, Fantasy Focus, Football Today, and dozens more.


You can play podcasts in the background while multitasking and add podcasts to a favorites list. (up to 20)



Some folks have complained about getting a lot of buffering. We used the app for several days without experiencing any buffering issues at all. Eventually, however, we did find that the audio stream occasionally buffering or stopping altogether requiring us to re-start the app.

We have experienced sluggishness when navigating to different ESPN Stations (it often takes > 10 seconds)

You’ll need to keep in mind that some professional sports leagues have restrictions on broadcasting games over the internet, so don’t purchase this app with the expectation of listening to all the sporting events that are broadcast on “terrestrial” ESPN Radio. You’re going find out that you are out of luck in many cases. We should also mention that on Android, there are free alternatives to many of the ESPN Radio shows (like Mike & Mike and the Herd) through the free TuneIn Radio App. You won’t, however, get all the ESPN podcasts or constant ESPN News updates through TuneIn Radio.

We like the app, but would recommend the free TuneIn app for Android users who just want to listen to live radio shows. If you are also heavy into the ESPN podcasts, then the $2.99 price tag will probably be worth your while.


Download the ESPN Radio App for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad on iTunes.


Download the Android App from the Android Market or by scanning the QR Code below:


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