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Listen to NHL Hockey Live on Android for Free with Center Ice Radio

Are you a hockey fan with an Android phone who would like to listen to games but doesn’t want to spend the money on a the NHL Gamecenter Premium app? Here is how you can listen to live NHL hockey for free on your Android phone with Center Ice Radio.

Essentially, Center Ice Radio is an app that links to over the internet radio station feeds that carry NHL hockey. You must have Flash installed, other wise none of the radio feeds will work.

Once you download Center Ice Live from the Android Market (we also have QR code below), open Center Ice Radio, select the Stations button at the lower left, and then select a team from the list.

device3 device1

If there is a game in progress, click the little microphone icon at the top left. This will open the browser and take you to a page with a live internet stream. In our experience, it takes several seconds to loads the page and pull up the audio player. We are testing on a Motorola Droid and it took a good 20 seconds or so of waiting before the page loaded and the audio stream began.


Each team’s live streaming page will be a little different. The Blackhawks stream requires you to press Play to start the audio stream…


…while the Calgary flames stream starts automatically.


You can save your favorite streams by clicking the little heart icon at the top right.

device5a device8


Initially, this was a .99 app, but it’s now free. While the interface is a little clunky and there is no built in NHL schedule, it’s hard to beat free. There are also a few teams missing from the list, but in most cases you can find the game you want even if you have to listen to a another team’s announcers. Just make sure you have Flash installed on your phone or you won’t get audio for any games. The alternative is NHL’s Gamecenter Audio which costs $20 (Now reduced to $10 for the rest of the season).

Download the Center Ice Live app from the Android Market, or scan the QR Code below.


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