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Import Your Favorite Major League Baseball Teams Schedule into Google Calendar

Looking for an easy way to keep track of your favorite team’s schedule? Every Major League Baseball team has made available downloadable schedules that can be imported into many popular calendar programs like Google Calendar.

First of all you’ll need a Google Account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up here. Next, browse to your favorite teams website at From your teams website, hover your mouse over “Schedule” on the top menu, then find and click “Downloadable Schedule.”


Now, from the downloadable schedule page, find the “Download iCalendar File” section, and select and copy the iCal URL.


Log into your Google Calendar. Find “Other Calendars” at the lower left and click the plus button to the right (if necessary) to show the additional options below.


Next, click “Add,” and select “Add by URL”


Now, paste the iCal URL into the URL text box, and click “Add Calendar.”


Finally, you show see the schedule import and then show up in your Google Calendar.


Click on any of the games in your Google Calendar to bring up details. You’ll get links to MLB Gameday with box scores, updates, etc, and even a link to watch or listen to the game on MLB.TV (Subscription required)


Android users with a Google Account will also be able to access this schedule on their Android Calendar.

You may want to adjust your calendar notification settings depending on whether or not you want to be reminded about each game by email, pop-up, etc.

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