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Watch Previous Seasons of NFL Hard Knocks on Hulu

If you aren’t an HBO subscriber, or have never heard of Hard Knocks, it’s a documentary style look at one NFL team as they go through training camp. The series started in 2001 following the Baltimore Ravens and has featured the Jaguars, Chiefs, Cowboys (twice), and the Bengals last year. Each “season” of the series consists of 5 or 6 one hour episodes.

Currently, is featuring seasons 1-5 for free. 

I’m a fan of the show because, if nothing else, I can never get enough football. There just might be enough to get yourself through the rest of the summer until the real thing begins in a few weeks.

Update: Although the Bengals on Hard Knocks isn’t available on Hulu, you can still watch the Bengals season online.

Update #2: Here’s where your can watch the New York Jets Season of Hard Knocks Online for free.

To check it out for yourself, go to the Hard Knocks channel on Hulu.  I’ve posted the final episode of Season 5 which profiles Dallas Cowboys (including T.O., Pacman Jones, etc.)

For those Hard Knocks fans looking forward to the show in 2010, it is slated to begin airing in august and will feature the New York Jets.

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