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Watch the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine Live Online at

Beginning on Saturday February 23th, the latest batch of NFL hopefuls will put aside the pads and helmets, don some shorts, and try to run, jump, and lift their way to a higher draft slot. All of this will take place under the watchful eye of the NFL coaches and talent scouts. NFL Network will broadcast the entire four day event, but if you don’t get the NFL Network, fans like us can play NFL scout from the comfort of our own computers as will broadcast the combine live online.

The combine runs from Saturday February 23rd – Tuesday February 26th. Drills get underway each day at 9am ET and and run until about 4 or 5pm ET. Tuesday’s drills should finish up a little earlier.

Here’s the schedule breakdown of positions per day

Saturday: Offensive Line, Tight Ends, Special Teams

Sunday: QBs, RBs, WRs

Monday: Defensive Line and Linebackers

Tuesday: Defensive Backs will feature two camera angles and allow you easily switch back and forth between them. The NFL Combine isn’t the most exciting action-packed event of the year by any stretch, but this may be you last opportunity to see NFL caliber players do anything active for quite a long time.

Watch the NFL Scouting Combine live online at

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